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MAY 22-24, 2024


A forward thinking virtual summit for authors and small press publishers. 

If you want to know where the publishing industry is going in the next 3-5 years, and how to take advantage of it NOW, then The Future of Publishing Virtual Summit is for you.

This is an event curated for forward-thinking, self-starters who want to be at the leading edge of the publishing industry for years to come. Publishing is shifting faster than ever. Do you want to help chart where it's going? 



Chelle Honiker


Pierre Jeanty


Tara Cremin


Oriana Leckert


Malorie Cooper

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Renee Rose


Lee Savino


Orna Ross

Jennifer Hilt


Danica Favorite


Melissa Storm


Samantha Williams


Ricardo Fayet


Audrey Derobert


Clayton Noblit


Kathleen Sweeney


Austin Tuwiner


Cameron Sutter


Desiree Duffy


Nick Thacker


How To Scale Your Shopify Store & See More Profit
Speaker: Pierre Jeanty

Direct sales involve more than just setting up a shop and inviting customers to visit. Creating a successful book business requires a deeper approach. In the session 'How To Scale & Profit More from Your Shopify Store', Pierre Jeanty will dive into the essentials of scaling a book business through direct sales. He will explore the importance of mindset, effective funnel, flywheel models, and the strategies that led him and others to achieve seven-figure success selling direct.

This session is for anyone committed to Shopify and/or direct sales regardless of their experience. Jeanty will highlight pitfalls in direct sales and offer insights to grow your book business.

Optimize and Scale FB Ads
Speaker: Malorie Cooper

Analyzing ads can be tricky. Between all of the data in the Meta Ad Manager, plus what Amazon Attribution data throws at us, knowing what to look at and how to make informed decisions is getting harder instead of easier.

From her experience working directly with hundreds of authors on their ads, Malorie Cooper has worked out the optimal metrics to examine as well as the best tools to use in order to make sense of the numbers. Not only that, she's built software that will make the process even easier without soaking up your profits!

In this session, you'll learn how to identify both good ads and bad ads in a matter of minutes and determine which can scale while keeping their ROI.

The 3 Step Process for World Domination: Unblock, Ignite, Receive
Speakers: Renee Rose & Lee Savino

You work really hard, so what's stopping you from achieving everything you've dreamed of? Join millionaire authors Renee and Lee to uncover your abundance blocks and obliterate them forever. Once you've cleared what's stopping you, you can set clear intentions and align with the future you want to create. Nothing can stand in your way!

What's Working in Facebook Ads Right Now
Speaker: Melissa Storm

Everyone wants to know... What's working with Facebook ads right now? And, hey, we've got answers! Join New York Times bestselling author and Novel Publicity CEO Melissa Storm as she dives deep into what’s working for ads for Spring 2024. This informal session is filled with actionable advice--both big overhauls and tiny tweaks--that you can put into practice to improve your ad results today.

Tropes: Everything, Everywhere, All at Once
Speaker: Jennifer Hilt

Tropes have been a storytelling staple in human society – think folktales, fairytales, and myths. But why? Tropes are about relationships. And so are stories; that’s why they’re fond in every genre. The question isn’t whether to use tropes or not (that favorite author you’re stalking is already using them to great effect); it’s how to use them. Using current examples in books and films, we’ll discuss how goal, motivation, conflict, tropes, and genre conventions create unforgettable worlds. And we’ll have a pretty fun time doing it because tropes are everything, everywhere, all at once.

Getting Started with BookBub Ads
Speaker: Audrey Derobert

In this introductory session, viewers will learn all about BookBub Ads — the display ads platform that’s just for books! Both beginners and seasoned advertisers will learn how to create effective campaigns on the BookBub platform, the best types of books to promote, and how to improve their results to sell more books to readers.

Kickstarter Publishing 101
Speaker: Oriana Leckert, Kickstarter

Join Kickstarter's Head of Publishing, Oriana Leckert, for a look at the tips, tricks, and strategies behind successful literary crowdfunding campaigns. You'll learn about the benefits of building community and raising money through crowdfunding, the publishing landscape on Kickstarter, and the most important elements of building and running a project, illustrated with case studies from authors and publishers across the literary spectrum.

Series Success: How Marketing A Series Works For Authors
Speaker: Clayton Noblit, Written Word Media

In this presentation, authors will learn how to market and monitor their book series. Join us for an in-depth talk about marketing strategy, tactics, and data analysis, designed to help authors maximize their series success.

Five Actionable Tips to Improve Your Amazon Ads
Speaker: Ricardo Fayet, Reedsy

Amazon ads are still one of the very best ways to gain visibility and traction on the world's largest retailer. And once you have a proper system to update and optimize them regularly, they take little effort to maintain.

In this webinar, Amazon Advertising expert Ricardo Fayet (author of Amazon Advertising for Authors: Unlock Your Full Advertising Potential) will share his top five tips for improving your ads performance. He'll cover:

  • Custom text campaigns vs. standard ones, and why you should (probably) use the latter
  • The one tab where you can optimize all your bids in no time
  • How to find new hot targets before your competition does

  • Efficient Self-Publishing Strategies for Indie Authors

    Speaker: Danica Favorite, PublishDrive

    For indie authors, achieving scalability means more than just expanding reach—it's about mastering efficient strategies to increase sales, refine craft, and widen your impact. Danica Favorite, PublishDrive's Community Manager, discusses principles of efficient self-publishing for indie authors. From honing your craft to optimizing distribution channels, this webinar offers tailored insights and actionable steps for authors at every stage of their journey. Discover how to streamline your processes, elevate your publishing game, and achieve sustainable growth in today's competitive market.

    Maximize Your Profits Through Direct Sales & Special Editions​
    Speaker: Alex Smith, Bookvault

    Learn how to maximize your profits through a direct sales channel and special editions with Alex Smith, technical lead at Bookvault!

    Level Up with Author Assistants
    Speaker: Samantha Williams, Aurora Publicity

    Are author assistants really worth it? Are you ready for one? Ready for yours to do more? In this informative and interactive session, Aurora Publicity will review the why, where, who, and how of author assistants. Some answers will surprise you! We'll also review common goals and work through a to-do list that'll help you move your career forward (solo) or with your dream author assistant!

    Publishing Widely with Kobo
    Speaker: Tara Cremin, Kobo

    For both traditional and indie authors, Rakuten Kobo plays a vital role in digital book sales worldwide. Gain insights into Kobo’s non-exclusive subscription program, Kobo Plus, and find out how subscriptions are tapping into a new readership and increasing author earnings. Plus, learn about the marketing strategies that work and find out what promotional opportunities are available to authors publishing through Kobo Writing Life.

    The Author's Guide to Social Proof & Social Media
    Speaker: Kathleen Sweeney, Book Brush

    Unsure how to navigate the ever-changing world of social media? In this session, Kathleen Sweeney delves into the psychology of book selection and the power of social proof. She'll dive deep into social media strategies specifically designed for authors, teaching you how to build a powerful online presence and connect with readers on a deeper level. Gain practical knowledge to enhance your author brand by understanding reader behavior, leveraging reviews, and engaging in social media.

    7 Reasons Why All Authors NEED Universal Book Links (& How to Use Them)
    Speaker: Austin Tuwiner, Geniuslink

    In the workshop led by Austin Tuwiner from Geniuslink and Booklinker, authors will learn about universal book links and why they're essential for every author. Austin will offer practical guidance on where authors can integrate universal book links, such as on their websites, social media profiles, email newsletters, book back matter, advertisements, and link-in-bio tools.

    By the end of the workshop, authors will understand the benefits of universal book links, know where to implement them, and have created their first universal book link to incorporate into their book marketing.

    An Event Horizon: Mastering Author Events in a Digital Age
    Speaker: Desireé Duffy, Black Château

    How can you engage readers through memorable author events? Desireé Duffy presents this practical workshop to guide you through maximizing live and virtual public appearances. She'll discuss how to attract attendees and offer tips for promotional tactics. You'll also get the lowdown on book signings and discover how you can experience the dream of sitting by that stack of books, autographing your masterpiece for eager readers.

    During this workshop, you will:
    • Learn strategic partnering with fellow authors to amplify your reach
    • Learn the pros and cons of live and virtual event formats
    • Gain knowledge to employ strategic marketing for maximum reach
    • How you can engage your audience and make your author event appearance one to remember

    Marketing in 2024 (and Beyond): Leverage Your Assets
    Speaker: Nick Thacker, Draft2Digital

    You can write, you can run ads, and you can burn out. What’s changed since we started publishing books is the way readers consume our content. Are you taking full advantage of that? Are you reaching them exactly where they are, with exactly the formats they want? Time to think bigger, broader. Here’s how.

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    We have a long list of speakers who we plan to reach out to before we start accepting applications. 

    Will this be worth my money and time?

    If you have joined any of our events before, then you know we never go halfway. This will be the most comprehensive publishing experience on the market, and we will bring all our resources to bear making it the best. 

    What's your refund policy?

    We do not offer refunds on digital products and events due to receiving the content or a portion of the content immediately.

    We do not offer refunds on the live event due to the necessity for a head count to secure the venue and pay for other expenses. We are happy to connect you with a waitlist of people who may be interested in buying your ticket, and we are happy to honor a transfer to someone else.

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    Can I sponsor this event?

    Yes, we are accepting sponsors for both our virtual and in-person events. We have many vendor packages to suit your needs. Please email Mel at melissa at authorrx dot com to receive a complete listing of sponsorship opportunities.

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