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Get access to over ALL our courses (including the Kickstarter Accelerator, the Direct Sales Accelerator, and the Go Wide, Grow Wide Incubator), and also offers monthly calls with industry experts and live mentorship and Q&As with USA Today bestselling authors Russell Nohelty and Monica Leonelle.

Plus access our active and vibrant community filled with hundreds of incredible authors who can help you get to the next level starting today, and monthly membership calls with industry experts giving advanced lecture and drilling down to answer your questions about the platforms and tactics that can help you get to the next level starting today.

Can You Relate?

You write good books but you can’t seem to get traction on retailers.

Or you’ve had success on retailers but competition is making it hard to keep your earnings up. You’ve plateaued or dropped despite your efforts to grow.

You know you need to develop new revenue streams and sell direct to readers, but you aren’t sure how to get started…

And you don’t want to build a website that may not get traction or pre-buy a ton of inventory that you don’t know if you can sell.

You want to build an audience and you are starting from scratch.

Or you have an audience but you want to engage with them more, do the cool things they keep asking for, and give them more ways to give you more money.

Raised $20,500+ on a publishing project…

“Funded in 28 minutes! Thanks for all your help, Russell Nohelty and Monica Leonelle!!!”


What if you could...

  • Find a new revenue stream that nets you tens of thousands of extra dollars a year?
  • Make money on your book before you launch it on retailers? (Then launch it in the black and make *even more* money on it?)
  • Make money on your backlist by launching a new edition to new audiences?
  • Make a higher revenue per reader than you’d typically make on a retailer?
  • Develop a deeper fandom for your work and grow your audience from where you are now?


Signature Course #1

The Kickstarter Accelerator

Plan, Market, and Launch Your Next Kickstarter Using the Kickstarter Accelerator Methodology that Russell Nohelty developed from running 20+ Kickstarters and raising $300,000+ on novels, anthologies, comics, and audio dramas.

Here's what you'll get

OVER $1.1 million raaised from group members in 2022*

*including experts and students

$4,486 on a first campaign…

“Never, ever, in my wildest dreams did I expect to get featured by Kickstarter on my first campaign. There’s no way I would’ve done it without all of you, and Russell, and Monica. So thank you for your feedback and support while I was freaking out if this campaign would work at all, because it’s meant the world. All the little things pay off, and you do better over time.”


Hundreds worth of Extras


Russell's audience-building course, How To Build an Audience From Scratch ($27 value). This helps you go from zero to audience in the month before your campaign launches. You receive these when you join the Accelerator.


Our Kickstarter Budget Spreadsheet Template + instructional videos ($97 value). This helps you create profitable reward tiers that readers are more likely to gravitate to. You receive these when you join the Accelerator.


A digital copy of our signature book, Get Your Book Selling on Kickstarter ($10 value). This gives you a digestible written instructional guide to use alongside our lessons and mentorship. You receive these when you join the Accelerator.

Extra #4

Two of Russell's solo books in ebook + audiobook, How To Become a Successful Author and How To Build a Creative Career ($60 value). These two books share some of Russell's best secrets on building his audience and figuring out direct sales through various avenues. You receive these when you pay for the Accelerator in a one-time payment.


Russell's Kickstarter Copy Vault ($197 value). For the first time ever, we're putting together Russell's emails + 17-day email plan and creating prompt templates so *you* can write copy like Russell throughout your campaign. This is a new piece of content that we are not making available to anyone for purchase, so you literally can't buy it. You receive these when you pay for the Accelerator in a one-time payment.

Special Group
Bonus #1

If we get to 50 new students, we will offer a bonus call in January 2023 during the #make100 Kickstarter promotion!

This will be accessible to all authors in the Kickstarter Accelerator, regardless of when or how you joined ($1000 value).


The Direct Sales Accelerator

Are you looking to grow a fanbase that will buy everything you do no matter where you sell it? Do you want to decrease your reliance on retailers and grow a sustainable business outside the whims of their algorithms? Have you been trying to sell direct and failing to gain traction? Then our Direct Sales Accelerator is perfect for you.

Here's what you'll get

$2500 on a children’s book…

“I reached the minimum goal and now just keep adding more preorders until it ends. Huge learning curve but it has shown me another place to publish where we have direct access to the readers and can lavish extra goodies on super fans. Now my brain is sparking with ideas for how to bring my future books into Kickstarter as part of the publishing process.”



The Go Wide, Grow Wide Incubator $500 Upgrade

Do you want to get your books selling wide on the Big 5 retailers—Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play Books, and Barnes and Noble? Do you want to discover new niche opportunities to distribute your books, like fiction apps, small storefronts, and more?

Do you want to improve your print sales through your website, IngramSpark, and indie bookstores? Do you want to improve your audiobook sales and find new ways to create and distribute your audiobooks?

Do you want to get better at advertising on Facebook, Bookbub, and Amazon while your books are wide at all retailers?

Join the Go Wide, Grow Wide Incubator for a full year at a discount and get 12 months of laser-targeted, niche topics full of tips, hacks, and tricks to optimize your books on every platform and improve your wide sales. Develop new income streams and reduce your dependence on any one retailer, platform, or format.

Here's what you'll get

Join the Writer MBA Membership


Pay yearly for our membership and as a special bonus you will be able to access all our virtual events, including our live courses and virtual summits, absolutely free (a $1000+ value every year!)


On a budget? Take advantage of our monthly payment plan. Access the courses you need when you need them and ask questions to our community, plus access our monthly calls while you are enrolled.




Not only do you get access to our signature courses, but we also let you access our back catalog of over 12 additional courses covering everything from writing better books faster to building a superfandom and much more. Along with our signature courses, that’s over $10,000 in course value included in your membership.

Here's what courses you'll get access to:

100+ backers and $3400+ total funding…

“A huge thank you to Russell Nohelty and Monica Leonelle. This has been invaluable and HUGELY affirming. Watching engagement, seeing people discover my work and opt in, it’s all…pretty overwhelming, honestly. Without the advocacy of Russell and Monica, however, I don’t think I would have tried it, and having a community all trying this at once really helps! Onwards and upwards!”


Yearly Pay Bonuses

Access to our live events for free (a $1,000+ value)

When you pay for a yearly membership, you get access to our live events for free, including our Future of Publishing Virtual Summit, live courses, and more.  

Here's what you'll get

Last project hit five figures…

“Shout out to Russell and Monica for sharing their knowledge and creating value for all of us. It is easy to feel overwhelmed on Kickstarter and they are truly a guiding light.”


This is for you if...

This is not for you if...

Doubled backer numbers and funding total from the previous campaign…

“This is my first time receiving the ‘Projects We Love’ badge and I am soooo excited. Thank you to Russell Nohelty and Monica Leonelle for all the insights to helps us craft better Kickstarters!”


Russell Nohelty

I’m a USA Today bestselling author of science fiction and fantasy books that are both entertaining and thought-provoking. I bring action, adventure, mystery, and thrills to all my books.

I’ve raised $300,000+ on Kickstarter across 20+ projects in novels, anthologies, comics, and audio dramas. The Kickstarter Accelerator combines all my knowledge of the past 7 years of running projects on Kickstarter into a single system that works for publishing projects.

I was born in northern New Jersey, grew up in Northern Virginia, went to college in Maryland, and now I live in Los Angeles with my wife and dogs.

Monica Leonelle

I’m a USA Today bestselling author best known for my book publishing and business expertise at My nonfiction series, The Productive Novelist, has sold over 60,000 copies and helped thousands of writers write faster, become better storytellers, and find their way to success.

I have been independently publishing since 2009 and have written 40+ books across fiction and nonfiction (encompassing three pen names). Before becoming an independent author, I led digital marketing efforts at Inc. 100 companies like Hansen’s Natural and Braintree.

Fastest-funded campaign!

“Monica and Russell have literally written the book on kickstarting for authors and it was their guidance and mentoring that allowed me to fully fund my first Kickstarter in 9 minutes. Their guidance is clear, concise, effective, and honestly brilliant. As an indie author, I’m always looking for ways to branch out and expand my reach and audience. Kickstarter is just what I needed, and they make it work. I highly recommend their books and workshops. You can’t go wrong.”


Frequently Asked Questions

The books are foundational to help people decide to do take advantage of their author business. We go way deeper on the topics in the membership, though. We believe the three greatest points of value is access to the community, step by step personalized feedback, and walkthroughs of every aspect of your author business.
Other things are the mentorship, shared knowledge, behind the scenes of our businesses, ability to ask questions, and tons of additional videos and training content.
The book is meant to explore your curiosities, while thememberis for when you are actually ready to uplevel your business.

The videos and content are accessible as self-study at your own pace through Teachable. The mentorship, questions, accountability, and community aspects of the program are delivered through our Circle community.

The membership is all about upleveling your author career, and it’s hard to learn without applying what you are learning.

The only advantage to getting in earlier is that you can watch others and learn through osmosis to some extent. 

You can cancel a monthly membership at any time and you will not be rebilled once your membership lapses.

We  do not allow cancelations of yearly memberships before the renew date. We are offering our time and energy upfront and letting you access all of our courses from the first day.  The minute you sign up, you agree that you owe us for all 12 payments, so please do not sign up if you do not intend to complete your year with us

Because it costs us time, money, and energy when you don’t pay, we reserve the right to pursue what is owed to us through any legal means possible.

Please contact us if you need a revised payment plan due to hardship or another extenuating circumstance at

Because the content is delivered immediately, we don’t issue refunds unless we don’t deliver the material.

Please contact us if there is a problem with the program, as that is the best way to discuss a refund:

If you issue a fraudulent chargeback at any point while working with us, we will fight and win, which affects your bank privileges and credit score. Don’t do it.

Private messaging is not included in the program. We also don’t handle support of the program via private messaging. Please instead use the following means of contacting us:

If you have a question about the material, please post it in the group.

If you have a support question, please post it in the group (if relevant to the group) or email the support team if it’s something personal:

If you have a program housekeeping question, please do one of the above and it will all get sorted.

If you have a question that you must ask Russell or Monica privately, please email to book a one-on-one consultation.

$6,000+ on a first campaign…

“YOU ALL I AM CRYING!!!! My first campaign ever is 267% funded in just 2.5 hours and I’m so overwhelmed and grateful I’m just over here crying. Sooo many years of struggling and struggling to make a buck or get my books seen at all… To have this kind of response to my first ever campaign has just floored me. And from very few backers. This just blows my mind… BANK NOT RANK. I’m a Kickstarter convert 1000%… thank you thank you again Russell and Monica… once again, you have totally changed my little indie life!!!!”


Join the Writer MBA Membership


Pay yearly for our membership and as a special bonus you will be able to access all our virtual events, including our live courses and virtual summits, absolutely free (a $1000+ value every year!)


On a budget? Take advantage of our monthly payment plan. Access the courses you need when you need them and ask questions to our community, plus access our monthly calls while you are enrolled.


From failed/cancelled projects to $5k in six months…

“I got ‘Projects We Love’ and almost doubled my funding goal. Thank you!!”


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