Friday, September 1st AT 1:30PM EASTERN, 10:30aM PACIFIC

Book Brush Spills the Details on Hourly Concepts

Wish you had some affordable help with your Kickstarter campaign, book swag, A+ content, TikTok videos, advertising images and copy, interior page design (for print special editions), and more?

And at the same time—finding it a struggle to get reliable, consistent, and high quality results to take your author branding and book products to the next level?

We’ve secured a special presentation from Book Brush to talk about their new program called Hourly Concepts. This limited webinar is exclusive and completely free to attend as a member of our community. And there will be a replay! Limited spots are available. Register for this webinar to learn the secret weapon that’s driving authors’ success on both retailers and direct sales platforms (like Kickstarter, Patreon, and web stores)!

With Special guest from Book brush

Kathleen Sweeney

Kathleen Sweeney is the Manager of Operations & Marketing Director at Book Brush. She has over 19 years of client service and business assurance experience. She thoroughly enjoys working with authors and helping them create eye-catching images. She lives in central Illinois with her husband and three busy boys. Her hobbies include reading and turning socks right side out.

And USA TODAY Bestselling Hosts

Russell Nohelty and Monica Leonelle

Russell Nohelty is a publishing expert that has made over half a million in direct sales, including novels, anthologies, comics, audio dramas, and nonfiction.

Monica Leonelle is a thought leader, publishing expert, and frequent publishing speaker and podcast guest with 20+ books for authors.

What you'll learn in this Webinar

There are limited spots in Hourly Concepts. We’re bringing this special presentation to you so that you can get in on the service that is helping authors get fantastic custom branding and product art that fuels their Kickstarter, Patreon, web store, and advertising campaigns! Here’s what you’ll learn on the call:

How Hourly Concepts is driving revenue for some of the biggest names in publishing

Find out how authors are using Hourly Concepts to create high quality visuals that are helping them drive revenue to their books on both retailers and direct sales avenues!

Why Working with hourly concepts makes sense for most authors, regardless of your budget

Anyone who follows Russell and Monica knows that they value profitability and are reluctant to recommend anything that doesn’t pay off quickly. Find out how Hourly Concepts makes sense for most authors, especially those experimenting with direct sales.

How to get started with Hourly Concepts for just 5 hours a month

Kathleen has generously agreed to offer a small allotment of calls on her schedule to learn if Hourly Concepts can help you personally with your project. If you think you might be interested, we will open these spots on a first come, first serve basis on the webinar!

Friday, September 1st AT 1:30PM EASTERN, 10:30aM PACIFIC

Book Brush Spills the Details on Hourly Concepts