Friday, August 18th at 3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific

5 Trends That Are Shifting the Future of Publishing

Publishing is changing—why? There are five key trends that are changing the future of publishing, and we’re here to talk about them. Learn the five key trends and how you can make the shifts gently toward what’s coming down the pipeline. Register below:

With USA TODAY Bestselling Hosts

Russell Nohelty and Monica Leonelle

Russell Nohelty is a publishing expert that has made over half a million in direct sales, including novels, anthologies, comics, audio dramas, and nonfiction.

Monica Leonelle is a thought leader, publishing expert, and frequent publishing speaker and podcast guest with 20+ books for authors.

What you'll learn in this Webinar

The Future of Publishing is tough to predict. Here are five key trends that will dominate how we work as writers and authors in the future.

The movements behind the trends

AI, direct sales, subscriptions, oh my! There are many buzzy words in publishing these days, but we’ll connect the dots and explain the larger shifts behind these buzzwords so you’ll know exactly how to jump on new opportunities.

How different author ecosystems fare against each of the five trends

How you can thrive in the new age of publishing, based on the publishing business models your personality natural gravitates toward.

Why We're Shifting How we do things to accommodate shifting trends

Lessons we’re learning on the battlefield for both fiction and nonfiction, and how we are personally responding to the changing shifts we’re seeing in the industry.

Friday, August 18th AT 3PM EASTERN, 12PM PACIFIC

5 Trends That Are Shifting the Future of Publishing​